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Trump Rips Korean Film “Parasite” For Winning Best Picture: “Can We Get, Like, Gone With The Wind Back, Please?”

At a “Keep America Great” rally Thursday night in Colorado Springs, Co., President Donald Trump took aim at the South Korean film “Parasite” for…

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Bernie Still Thinks That MSNBC Doesn’t Like Him

Because he’s a socialist, Bernie Sanders is naturally obsessed with “fairness.” I’ve written before about how Sanders and his campaign love to complain about…

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After Debate Debacle, Everyone’s Talking About Bloomberg: Is That Bad?

The media consensus, across the board, is that Mike Bloomberg had a terrible debate. The man isn’t a debater, and he’s never played at…

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Brian Williams: NBC Allowed Trump To Use “The Apprentice” As The “Pilot” For His Presidency

Tuesday evening on MSNBC, Brian Williams said Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice,” which aired on his parent company NBC for 14 seasons, “might…

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Humpty Dumpty Bloomberg

All of his billions and all of his paid surrogates could do no favors for Mike Bloomberg after last night’s debate. Wow. The only…

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Biden: No One Has Weaponized Pardons Like Trump

During a CNN town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, former vice president Joe Biden denounced President Trump’s use of pardon power. QUESTION:  Well, thank…

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Bernie Is Now The Sole Frontrunner

New national polling shows that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now the undisputed frontrunner in the Democratic national primary. A spate of new polls…

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Bloomberg Sets His Sights on Obama Voters, Falsely Drapes Barack Like a Flag

If you’ve buried yourself under a rock or eschewed any public media, it’s the only way you’ve missed the latest salvo of ads from…

National Key Election Votes

Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019 (HR 5038) – Passage Passed – House

Authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to grant certified agricultural worker status to an undocumented immigrant who submits a completed application and required processing fees and who (Sec. 101): Performed agricultural labor or services in the United States for at least 1,035 hours, or 180 workdays, during the 2-year period preceding…